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  • Caught in the clutches of the foo
    Family of Origin Troubles Are you angry at your mother? Do you wish your father understood you? Is your brother a mess and your sister never there for you?You’re caught in Read more
  • Welcome to the District of Columbia
    DC is a place where everyone is trying to get ahead. I don’t know why they don’t want the one they have. The one they were born with. New heads Read more
  • About Depression
    Depression is a mood disorder that often manifests physically, behaviorally and cognitively.  Headaches, disrupted or excessive sleep, stomach problems, excessive crying, change in appetite, and loss of interest in activities Read more
  • About Anxiety
    Anxiety is a mood disorder characterized by excessive physical tension and negative thinking.  Physical symptoms include muscular aches and pains, trouble sleeping, restlessness, and a tendency to go over and Read more
  • What is a healthy relationship?
    Relationship is co-creative, forged through ongoing interaction between two people. The health of the relationship depends on the skills and emotional intelligence of both people, as well as the degree Read more
  • Rupture and Repair: How to Get Stronger Together
    Repair of the relationship is like lifting heavy weight. It requires effort, can feel difficult. But the result is a stronger sense of connection and understanding between you. Read more
  • On Being Human
    Where’s the manual, right? How do I drive this car called me?Sometimes we think we’re the only ones without a clue, swerving around sudden steep curves in a tulle fog. Read more
  • Truisms A Manual For Humans
    You live in a body. You will only feel good if you take care of your body. Get to know it. Good feelings live in your body. They require exercise, Read more
  • The Art of Calming Down
    We make up our terror these days. Once we were absolutely justified: there really was a lion who really was about to eat us. Now we habitually flood ourselves with Read more
  • Stress Management
    Stress is a necessary, and to some extent, healthy, part of life. We must stress our muscles in order to build strength. To attain competence we must go throughtrying experiences. Read more
  • Hormonal Injustice
    Heterosexual Sex is funny. Seriously funny.Why, for example, do males get so much more sex drive than females? Now scientists can even see it in their brains, all those inflamed Read more
  • Turtles and Hailstorms: Communication Breakdown
    Couples get into trouble because of characteristic differences in communication style. If you are a turtle, you tend to shut down when you are confused, scared or hurt. Your face Read more

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