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Couples Therapy

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Yearning for heartfelt connection to another is deeply human. Yet, few anticipate how difficult it can be to actually find and sustain an ongoing, loving, relationship. Most experience frustration, disbelief and upset all too soon. And then: all too often.

Romance is addictive. Literally. The triggered biochemistry feeds a sense of inevitability, union and need. But inevitable also is a rude moment of awakening. Your needs are suddenly not being met. You are alike, yes -but you are also quite different. The emotional intelligence required to handle this experience of difference and disappointment should be taught in school.

Couples Therapy is a kind of School for Intimacy. I will help you understand what's happening inside and why difference so rapidly leads to misunderstanding and hurt. We will immediately begin a new way of communicating deeply-felt needs and wishes so that you grow closer rather than further apart.

Don't give up on finding each other again. It's truly possible!

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