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Parenting Therapy

Like intimacy skills, parenting skills should be taught in school. All humans could benefit from learning, before arrival, just what is involved in nurturing a frail, utterly dependent, being who will inevitably alarm, frustrate, tire and leave you. Parenting challenges the individual and changes the couple - in very significant ways.

Parenting Therapy - a systemic approach to understanding children's and parents' needs - is unfortunately a rarity these days. As a highly trained Bowenian and Solution-Focused Family Therapist, I've seen the profound difference thoughtful, caring interventions can make in shifting seemingly intractable relationship dynamics.

Treatment focuses on putting the parents back in the driver's seat, with new resources, and confidence. Home-based sessions can be arranged if office visits are problematic.

I offer particular expertise in parenting children with disabilities and navigating the cumbersome and often intimidating special education process. My local experience as a Special Education Related Services Provider includes service to Montgomery County, Fairfax County, and District of Columbia Public Schools over a seven-year period. I've counseled children with a wide range of disabilities, consulted to their teachers and parents and presented many bio-psycho-social assessments and treatment plan recommendations to local educational committees.

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