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“We were looking for some guidance in how to deepen our marriage and be a more loving and kind couple. Heather is a wonderful and thoughtful therapist. She was open and kind, a great listener and someone with insight. She not only listened she gave us tools to try out and she gave good guidance and feedback. We have recommended her to our friends and colleagues. She is a gifted healer with deep experience and multiple approaches.”

“My husband and I have a blended family and worked with Heather to improve our communication and co-parenting. We met with her for several months to develop strategies for working through issues more constructively. Heather was extremely helpful on all fronts. She was very solution-focused. We saw results very quickly and her techniques have been valuable tools that have helped tremendously. Heather is warm, positive, very knowledgeable and focused on solutions. We both felt very comfortable with her from the beginning and have enjoyed working with her. I would highly recommend her for individual, couples or family therapy.”

“We have been going to see Heather for many months now. She is an experienced and adroit therapist, skillfully guiding us through issues that have arisen in our relationship. She is non-judgmental, patient, calm and a good listener. She maintains a comfortable and safe atmosphere which helps with any nerves one might feel in seeking counseling. She is highly recommended.”

“Heather proved to be a good listener and insightful. She managed to simultaneously pull off being both empathetic and unflinchingly clear about the origins and causes of issues causing friction and distress on both sides of my story. Although I initially had reservations about her not being a clinical psychologist, her understanding of relationships and human nature was accurate and clear. In sum, seeing her was productive and the right thing to do.”

“She is perceptive, thoughtful and direct. I find the sessions incredibly helpful because I come to a better understanding of myself and of the mind/body connection. In between sessions she often gives homework assignments to think about so I am able to reflect upon certain questions and come back to her at the next session to follow up. All in all, her style suits me well and I would recommend her to others.”

“Heather is exceptional at what she does and I was able to make significant progress working through work-related stress in a very short period of time. I plan to see her in the future, should I need her insights and have recommended her to loved ones.”

“It went extremely well. In all my counseling sessions with Heather it has gone well. Her style is uniquely refreshing. She listens well and asks appropriate questions, but she doesn’t mull or probe endlessly. After hearing the tone and need, she offers suggestions and feedback that have helped me to understand and modify my behavior. She has helped me learn a more balanced way to approach the stresses of daily life, large and small. This is my eighth session with her and I can say without a doubt that her feedback, advice and style have helped me to an equanimity I have not had for years. There is a balance and peace that has emerged in my life as I have learned to put challenges in perspective. As I am a man, I looked for another man as a counselor initially and selected Heather only after I could not find a man. In the end, I am glad it worked out this way. She communicates extremely well and provides feedback that takes into account a man and a woman’s view. I would HIGHLY recommend Heather for anyone that would like to get a better handle on long-standing stresses, preoccupation, and the host of unsettling life challenges that we all too often face alone.”

“I highly recommend Heather Williams. She has a calm and open attitude. She helped me look at my issues from all angles and I eventually learned to examine those issues in my life – from my family to my work – in more constructive ways.”

"My meetings with Heather were terrific. I was having some stress issues and my wife recommended her. She has a great manner about her. Very calm and easy-going. She suggested a number of techniques to help with my stress which I try to use daily. Our sessions always started and ended on time. At the end of every session she asked if I wanted to meet again. I never felt pressured into scheduling more appointments. Following about six sessions we agreed I was feeling good. We got to the issue and dealt with it. I found her fees to be reasonable, especially once we submitted everything to the insurance company. Highly recommended!"

"I’m the type of person who loves the idea of counseling, but had failed to find someone I was comfortable with and would keep going back to. With Heather it was different. I went to see her after a very rough break-up and some family occurrences that hit all at once. Not only did I go back to see Heather after a great first session but I went for the following six months to what still feels like near-full recovery. I really appreciated the time I spent with her and would recommend her to anyone." 

"Heather is professional, constant and knowledgeable about relationship dynamics – especially concerning family of origin issues, communication between partners and the challenges working women face. She is also wonderful at facilitating dialogue between people. Both my husband and I recommend her not only as a wonderful counselor, but also as a great person."

"Heather is amazing – well-trained, sympathetic while remaining objective and professional, and a good resource for general mental health knowledge. I’ve recommended her to several of my friends."

"I started seeing Heather after I’d been struggling with severe agoraphobia for about six months. I’m still not sure how I made it outside and to her office that day, but I’m so glad I did. I felt better after our first meeting. I don’t like talking about my problems or feelings, but Heather made me feel very comfortable and was patient about drawing me out. I came to look forward to seeing her every week because I always felt such a boost afterward. I took medication for my anxiety, as well, and(with my permission) Heather and my psychiatrist were in touch with each other about my treatment and progress. I felt very well taken care of by my “team!” My therapy sessions stopped when I moved away from DC, but fortunately, my anxiety was well-controlled by that time. I’d recommend Heather to anyone, but especially to people who are skeptical about therapy. Her approach is very much about problem-solving, and she has a great sense of humor. She’s a pleasure to talk to and, in my experience, is very effective."

"I met with Heather on two separate occasions. Once in 2010 for a period of a couple of months and again in 2012-2013 for approximately eight months. I was going through issues related to miscarriages, marital trouble, work stress, and ultimately divorce. In both instances Heather provided an open and objective environment for me to be honest with myself about the circumstances in my life. She provided me with some valuable reading material as well as tools I could utilize to help me deal with what was going on. I looked forward to our sessions and usually left each one feeling better able to cope with the stressors in my life."


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